About Humanity Sews

Humanity Sews works closely with other organizations, governments and communities to develop sewing schools and programs to help individuals around the world to become self-reliant through sewing.

Thanks to amazing partner organizations and the combined generosity of donors, large and small, Humanity Sews is able to distribute sewing machines all over the world. We focus on creating sewing schools to train individuals in basic sewing and business skills on machines we provide to the schools. As individuals show engagement, we provide sewing machines through a micro-loan program designed to teach self-reliance. When needed, we provide hand-crank machines converted from donated electric machines to be used in rural communities without access to electricity. We provide new and used electric machines for refuges in the US and in schools, orphanages or community centers with access to reliable electricity abroad.

Humanity Sews is committed to buying local material, thread, sewing machines and parts where possible – especially local, beautiful material and thread unique to the area of the school. Material in poor rural areas is often hand-woven and very time consuming to produce. We believe women investing their time and resources into producing this material should profit from their efforts.

Sews in Africa

Our Philosophy

Our efforts have placed thousands of machines over the past 20 years and nothing helps move our cause forward more than a cash donation to use to buy machines, sponsor a school or sponsor an individual.