Sewists and Quilter Opportunities

Humanity Sews works with sewists and quilters to fulfill our mission of changing lives through sewing. Specific programs you may be interested in include:

Sponsor a Sewist

For as little as $150 you can provide a sewing machine to a individual sewist and provide other items as you feel prompted.

Donate a Quite

If you or your guild is interested in service hours, donate a guilt that we can sell to generate funding for our programs.

Buy a Quilt

We have individual quilters and guilds donate quilts for sale to provide funding for our programs. You can also attend our quilt auction hosted by the UQSM each year in the spring.

Donate Money

Funding is always needed to support humanitarian causes. We welcome all cash donations, both one time and recurring.

Buy Products

One of the ways to really help our sewists is to buy the products they make. Buy them for yourself, for gifts or for business purposes like trade shows.

Start a Humanity Sews Chapter

Humanity Sews is alway looking to provide opportunies to those touched by sewing and who want to give back. We could use you help in spreading the word about our cause. We have what you need to start a chapter.

Train a Sewist - Domestic

Humanity Sews works with municipalities in the U.S. If you want to help train a sewist in your local community, please contact us.

Train a Sewist - Foreign

Humanity Sews works with organizations in the U.S. and in other countries. If you are planning a humanitarian trip and want to train a sewist, let us know.

Provide a Machine

We take donated sewing machines to refurbish and convert into hand crank for locations that have intermittent electrical systems. We would love to receive your working machine to re-purpose. Local machines can be dropped off - Others need to be shipped.